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Women of Ukraina


Fiancee (K-1) visa is a non-immigrant visa allowing your Fiancee to enter the United States for the purpose of marriage. This visa is only valid for a limited period of time, during which the marriage must occur.

The K-1 Visa is normally valid for a period of three (3) months. There is no extension of stay allowed. K-1 petition is automatically terminated when the Petitioner dies or voluntarily withdraws the petition.

You are required to submit your Petition for Alien Fiancee (Form I-129F) according to your place of residence, There are four main Service centers in the United States, which handle I-129F application packages.

Those applications should be mailed to USCIS Service Centers. Service Centers are not staffed to handle walk-in applications or answer questions. Three of the four Service Centers have established special Post Office boxes to receive applications mailed to the Center by applicants or petitioners residing in its service area. The applications and petitions processed by each Service Center are listed on its home page, as are the special Post Office box numbers and zip codes by form type for the Service Centers using them.

Please, check your USCIS Service Center below:



Home Fiancee visa  - Visa Service  - What is a Fiancee visa (K-1)?  - Requirements for K-1 visa
Children of Fiancee - K-2 visa  - Adjustment of Status ("green card")  - Fiancee visa (K-1) vs. Spousal visa (K-3)
Tourist visas as an alternative to K-1 visa  - Fee schedule  - Questions you might have

Women of Ukraina

Women of Ukraina

Women of Ukraina
Women of Ukraina
Women of Ukraina